Bradley Clarke Drums and vocals: Toured western Canadian club dates and appeared at The Butchart Gardens’ “Showtime” song and dance revue, as well as musical theatre productions at the Belfry Theatre. Both his drumming and voice talent is sought after for local studio recordings.


Dennis Ferbey Bass and vocals: Recorded in Memphis TN, Clovis NM and Bakersfield CA with various groups with single releases on Capital and Quality records. Toured Canada club dates and toured western Canada with The Original Caste (One Tin Soldier … Mister Monday). Toured northern Canada, Egypt, Cypress and Israel at Canadian Forces bases. Has extensive experience in commercial radio. Produced jingles for retail clients throughout North America, the UK and New Zealand. Jingle writer/producer/vocalist and recording studio owner.


Morry Stearns Piano and vocals: Toured Canada club dates and recorded with Sample Stearns Band. Has released solo album on Polygram Japan. Toured Canada and US out of Nashville with recording artist Lisa Brokop. Toured Japan. Produced many recordings for Japan clients with artists like Peabo Bryson. Tour dates with David Foster and David Foster Foundation. Produced jingles for retail clients throughout North America, the UK, Japan and New Zealand. Jingle writer/producer/vocalist.


Stephen MacDonald Guitar: A professional musician on the scene in Victoria for the past 5 years. Experienced in any style, Steve cut his teeth gigging in Halifax playing a variety of different settings, from avant-garde jazz to afro-cuban to classical to being in the pit at Neptune Theatre. Flexibility is the name of his game.


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